Audio and Video Heritage

This section of the website contains audio and video heritage material housed in the ECMC Library.  The information being provided is for public access and consumption/use and in MP3 format. The video content is a link to Youtube.

Rather than duplicate the heritage and history records and material from other national engineer organisations, such as the RAE, RCE, RE, USACE, etc, go to our LINKS page, access these organisations and scan/see what they have to offer. We only want to make digital copies of our ECMC library and museum holdings, materials and resources, available on our website.


We’re regularly adding to this collection. Come back soon and see what’s new.

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Atiu Harbour Project

This video was compiled from a Super 8 movie production by Corporal Ken Newton, RNZE (now Whanganui), during his time on Atiu Island from late 1973 to early 1974.


The Desert War in North Africa

Two New Zealand veteran soldiers, John Johnston aged 95 and Norman Leaf aged 94 years, share dramatic personal stories of their World War 2 army service in the North African deserts of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.


East Timor

An “amateur video” produced under the guidance of WO1 Shane Vooght, RNZE, about engineer and other tasks and in the engineer camp, commencing early December 2009, in Timor L’este.


RNZE Corps Centenary

This “amateur video tape” was compiled over the period of 12 to 16 October 2002, to cover the various activities and events for the celebration of the RNZE Corps Centenary, in both Linton Camp and Palmerston North.




Manawatu People’s Radio

“Manawatu Conversations” Interview with Joe Hollander, PNDHAG, Part One Tuesday 12 May 2020

“Manawatu Conversations” Interview with Joe Hollander, PNDHAG, Part Two Tuesday 19 May 2020


Monthly Midday Military History Presentation Series Presentation Audio


30th March NZ Volunteer Uniforms 1852 – 1909

8 April – “Operation GRAPPLE – Nuclear testing on Christmas Island”

Operation GRAPPLE Presentation (Presentation slides MS PPT)

11 March – “PN Military History 1868 to 1914, including the Manawatu Mounted Rifles”, by LTCOL Dr Peter Wood, ONZM

PN Military History 1868 to 1914 (PDF Presentation)

11 Feb (MMMHP) – “The Knife Edge – Battle for Crete”, by Dr Aaron Fox (Postponed from May and Aug 2020)

The Knife Edge  (Presentation slides MS PPT)



20th February 2020 – “NZ’s Involvement in the Boer War” (120th anniversary), by LTCOL (Rtd) Bryan Wells

The South African War No 2 (Presentation slides MS PPT)

Part 1 (37 mins)

Part 2 (42 mins)


12 March 2020 – “Leadership in War – NZ’s Fighting Commanders in Two World Wars”, by LTCOL (Rtd) Dr Chris Pugsley, ONZM, FRHistS

NZ Command in War (Presentation Slides MS PPT)

Part 1 (42 mins)

Part 2 (11 mins)


11 June 2020 “Fleet Air Arm in the Pacific during WW2”, by Denis O’Rourke

FAA in the Pacific War (Presentation Slides MS PPT)


23 June 2020 (EPLP) – 75th Anniversary of WW2 VE Day – “Unpublished Photos of WW2”, by Prof Glyn Harper

(No PowerPoint presentation due to copyright of images)


9 Jul (MMMHP) – “The Merchant Navy in WW2”, by RADM (Rtd) David Ledson

Merchant Navy Presentation (MS Word)   Stories of the Merchant Navy in WW2 (Presentation Slides MS PPT)

10 Sep (MMMHP) – “Singapore Strategy 1920-1942”, by CDR (Rtd) Richard Jackson

Singapore strategy Sept2020 (Presentation Slides MS PPT)


8 Oct (MMMHP) – NZ Wars Month – “Battle of Ruapekapeka”, by Dr Chris Pugsley

Battle of Ruapekapeka presentation (Presentation Slides MS PPT)


11 Nov (EPLP) – “70th Anniversary of the Korean War” presentation, by Dr Ian McGibbon

Korean Presentation (Presentation Slides MS PPT)


12 Nov (MMMHP) – PNCC 150th Anniversary – City at the Centre: Themes and insights, Margaret Tennant and Leanne Hickman

Leanne Hickman Powerpoint presentation (Presentation Slides MS PPT)

Margaret Tennant PowerPoint presentation (Presentation Slides MS PPT)



The Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers



PDF of Tape Cover:  BandoftheRoyalEngineers  (Includes track titles and other information.)











Side One:  mp3

Side Two: mp3


Chimo! The music and oral traditions of the Canadian Military Engineers



PDF of CD cover: Chimo!  (Includes track titles, and other information.)








01 CME Branch Call (Musique Centrale Des Fc-Cf Central Band)

02 Wings (Musique Centrale Des Fc-Cf Central Band)

03 Reveille

04 Salute To The Engineers

05 Half Hour To Parade

06 Hurrah For The CRE

07 Sapper Patrol (RCE Band)

08 Quarter Call

09 The Sapper

10 When The Saints Go Marching In

11 Sappers – The Perfect Corps

12 Fall In

13 Ode To The Engineer

14 The Canadian Engineers

15 Men’s Meal Call

16 Gridiron Glory

17 1942

18 Defaulters

19 Sinai Lament

20 Live, Move And Work

21 Why Engineers Do Not Carry Colours

22 Jump Sappers

23 First Post

24 Air Sappers

25 Tripwires

26 Last Post

27 Old King Cole

28 The Engineer Song

29 Lights Out

30 La Priére Du Génie – The Engineer Prayer

31 Retreat

32 Wings (RCE Band)