Oral History Interviews of RNZE Personnel

For those reading this website, the RNZE CT would like to encourage both serving and retired Sappers who are interested to make contact with Patrick and offer an interview.

Hi, my name is Patrick Bronte (based in Palmerston North) and I have been interviewing and recording the recollections of New Zealand’s Returned Service Personnel since 2002. The main objective behind doing this is to preserve the soldiers’ view of conflicts New Zealand has committed active duty personnel to since the Second World War. It is very important that those soldiers who have been on active duty since the end of the Vietnam War, have their experiences preserved for future generations in order for there to be an opportunity for them to be educated about the Sprit, Service and Sacrifice made by New Zealand service personnel in a rapidly changing and challenging world.


The Corps of RNZE has played a unique role and gained an honourable reputation while on operations such as those to Angola, Mozambique and Namibia, Bosnia, throughout Asia and the South Pacific, Timor L’este and the  more contemporary deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. The breadth of this employment and experience covers all aspects of peacekeeping, demining operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and more.   I would be very interested in speaking to any member of the RNZE who has been deployed on active operations. The recordings are handled based on the requests made by the individual interviewed. A copy will be made available to the veterans and their families and then stored in a secure archive for future application based on the exact instructions clearly stated before commencing the interview. This is a non-profit exercise and only being done for the betterment of the veterans, their families and for a greater understanding of New Zealand’s Military Heritage.


Please feel free to contact me anytime using the email address pbronte@xtra.co.nz or on 027 357 9944. Your consideration and involvement would be most appreciated

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