GARAGE – Store & Workshop

ECMC Garage – Store and Workshop

A double garage recovered from the Linton Camp housing area and converted/refurbished by apprentice tradesmen from the School of Military Engineering, is used for storing artefacts and equipment awaiting cataloguing and inventory, refurbishment and repair and for use in displays. Also included are materials used in display manufacture, as well as framed pictures and photographs, a range of NZ and special issue/military and overseas maps (from 1916 to the present day) and plans and working drawings of a range of RNZE construction projects from the past.


A workshop is also housed in the garage, where a wide range of tools and materials used for model making, artefact refurbishment and restoration, display building and manufacture, item and equipment maintenance and so on, are located.  This is also an area where the actual work is undertaken on model making and display manufacture.  It is an integral part of the ECMC complex.


Lists of store categories, maps, tools and equipment will be added in due course.