Royal New Zealand Engineer Charitable Trust (RNZE CT)










(A view of the ECMC main entrance at Linton Camp)


The Royal New Zealand Engineer Charitable Trust (RNZE CT or “Trust”) was formed in mid-2011.  Its principle objects are shown in the Trust Deed, attached below. The RNZE CT took on the responsibility for the contents (as “assets of the Trust”) and management of the Engineer Corps Memorial Centre (ECMC), which comprises the engineer library, museum, RNZE technical information centre (or “TIC RNZE”) and St Martin’s RNZE and Garrison Chapel, located within Linton Military Camp.  The Trust also manages the RNZE Corps History Project (RNZE CHP) and a number of other significant RNZE archival and heritage projects and undertakings.  Further information on the Trust is contained in a number of documents linked below.

The Trust is operated from the ECMC office at Linton Camp and uses the DSS Registry at Linton Camp for mail services, plus the new website (www.nzsappers.org.nz) and email address (ecmc@inspire.net.nz).  The latter services are hosted and sponsored by Inspire Net of Palmerston North.  An answer phone is connected to the ECMC office phone on (+64) 06-351-9367, for after office hour calls. Further background information on the RNZE CT and ECMC is also shown on Wikipedia and Trip Advisor.

The ECMC office is open every Thursday, as is the ECMC complex. RNZE CT funds are currently with the Palmerston North branch of Kiwibank.  The Trust is a compliant registered Charitable Trust and an Incorporated Society, with IRD Donee Status and IRD Resident Withholding Tax Exemption.  Various certificates and documents confirming these qualifications are attached below.


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For some years, the Engineer Corps Memorial Centre (ECMC) from Linton Camp and now in partnership with the Palmerston North City Council/City Library has been hosting a series of these presentations in Palmerston North.  They range across a wide spectrum of military heritage and history topics, presented by experts, world-renowned historians and speakers from the local, national and international scene.  Previously held on the Second Floor (Heritage Section) of the City Library, the 2018 deliveries have been hosted by Te Manawa in the Wilkins Theaterette.  These presentations will return to the City Library in 2019.

The 2019 MMMHP Programme is well developed and will include another range of interesting and topical presentations.  Note that the 2019 Programme deliveries will return to Level 2 of the City Library.

The 2019 MMMHP Programme

14 February – “By Seafire To The Middle Sea” by Dennis O’Rourke

14 March – “Development of Maori Defence Systems 1860-1864” by Col (Rtd) Bryan Wells

11 April – Launch of the RNZE Corps History book, “Won By The Spade” by Peter Cooke and RNZE capability display at the Globe Theatre

9 May – “A Mighty Coalition? – The Allies and the Battles of Monte Cassino” (75th Anniversary) by Prof Glyn Harper, Professor of War Studies, Massey University

13 June – “RNZAF Pacific Deployment in WW2 – A Credible Force ?” by Brian Oliver

11 July – “NZ Navy topic”, by RADM (Rtd) David Ledson, previous Chief of Navy

8 August – “NZ Wireless Troop in Mesopotamia During WW1” by John O’Reilly

12 September – “Restoring and Operating a Spitfire”, by Wg Cdr (Hon) Brendon Deere

10 October – “The New Zealand Land Wars” (causes/origins of), by Prof Michael Belgrave, Massey University

14 November – “New Zealanders Serving in Other Forces During WW1”, by Prof Glyn Harper, Professor of War Studies, Massey University


The 2018 MMMHP Programme

15 February – “Sinai Campaign and the Battle of Beersheba in WW1”, by Col Peter Wood, HQ NZDF;

15 March – “The Air War in WW1” – the book “Fearless”, by Dr Adam Claasen, Massey University;

9 April – “Laser Survey of the Arras Tunnels project – NZE Tunnellers in WW1”, by Richard Hemi, Otago University;

3 May – Special Presentation – “Operation Sea Lion – 1940 Nazi Invasion of England in Fact and Fiction”, by Professor Gary Sheffield, University of Wolverhampton (UK);

17 May – “NZ Division vs Germans in the 1918 Spring Offensive”, by Lt Gen (Rtd) Rhys Jones, previous Chief of NZ Defence Force;

14 June – “Battle of Britain and NZ’ers involved”, by Hon Wg Cdr Brendon Deere, Heritage Flight, RNZZAF Base Ohakea;

12 July – “New Zealanders in Mini-submarines in SE Asian Operations in WW2”, by RADM (Rtd) David Ledson, previous Chief of Navy (RNZN);

9 August – “History of the Red Cross during WW1 and WW2”, by Emeritus Professor Margaret Tennant;

13 September – “New Zealand Conscientious Objectors in WW1 and WW2”, by Lesley Courtney (Heritage Team Leader, PNCC City Library) and Margaret Tate;

11 October – “The New Zealand Land Wars” (focusing on the Taranaki, Whanganui, Manawatu and Kapiti areas), by Lt Col Richard Taylor, Commandant, NZDF Command and Staff College; and

8 November – “The Battle for Le Quesnoy and the end of WW1”, by Professor Glyn Harper, Professor of War Studies, Massey University.