The RNZE Charitable Trust (or RNZE CT) was formed in May 2011 to administer, finance, and support the ongoing requirements of the Engineer Corps Memorial Centre (or ECMC, comprising the Engineer Library, Museum and St Martin’s RNZE and Garrison Chapel) at Linton Camp.  The Trust also provides support for important projects, such as the completed RNZE Corps History project, rebuild and restoration of the ECMC museum collection and displays, the re-establishment of the ECMC library collection and technical information centre/resources and more.  The Trust also funds the Corps Bursary Scheme, which provides financial support for serving and retired Sappers.  The donor scheme relies on regular financial contributions to ensure that the financial and physical security for the ECMC, “Corps Heritage Collection” and other related Corps projects are protected for the future.

The RNZE Charitable Trust is registered with Charities Services and has tax exempt and donee status from the IRD.  That means that any donations to the Trust are tax deductible.

All contributions and donations can be made to the Trust through the following means:

Internet Banking – Kiwibank Account – RNZE Charitable Trust:38-9011-0792649-00;

By one-off or multiple donations – via normal banking (or Pay Pal) services to the same Kiwibank account;

Automatic credit/payments – via normal banking services to the same Kiwibank account;

By bequests to the Trust – made through Wills and other similar arrangements; and

Contribution of relevant historical and reference material – including artefacts, books, collectibles, memorabilia, photos and so on.    

For further enquiries, please contact the Trust at the above address, or through Headquarters, 2nd Engineer Regiment, Private Bag, Linton Military Camp.

Thank you for your generous contribution and support, all donations will be acknowledged and receipted back to the original donor.

Joe S. Hollander
RNZE Charitable Trust Board