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The Corps’ Library Collection is located within the ECMC complex and comprises over 6,000+ references.  These include books, manuals, pamphlets, reports, etc, all covering a range of military history, military engineering history and practice and other related topics.  Reference material originates from the armies of Australia, US, UK and New Zealand.  Many of the older texts are archival and heritage books from as far back as the early 1800’s.  Most of the older texts are currently being scanned, digitised and post-processed, so that they can be provided as readily accessible and available resources elsewhere on this website.  An outline collections list of available resource categories is provided below.


Library Collections List

Auto-biographies and biographies


Air Force/Air

Early Wars

Boer War (1899-1902)

WW1 (1914-1918)

WW2 (1939-1945)

WW2/”Cold War”/Soviet Union

Korean War


Vietnam War

Middle East/Gulf/Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan

Military History – General

Technical Engineering – Fundamentals – Maths/Chemistry/Physics


Structural Engineering/Hydraulics


Soils and Pavements

Rock Blasting/Drilling/Explosives




Mapping and Sketching

Water Supply

Technical – Miscellaneous Engineering

RNZE Projects

Australian Training Pamphlets/Manuals – All Topics

US Army/USACE Training Pamphlets/Manuals – All Topics

UK/RE Training Pamphlets/Manuals – All Topics

Professional Papers of the Corps (Institution) of RE (1851-1911)

RE Journals

History of the RE

RE Publications

NZ Military History – Pre WW1

NZ Military History – WW1

NZ Military History – WW2

NZ Military History – Miscellaneous References

History of the RNZE

History of the RAE

History of the RCE

Sappers Association/ECMA/ECMC, etc

Linton Camp

Miscellaneous Old Training Publications (1900-)

Miscellaneous Publications and Reference Material

Army News/RSA Review


ECMC – Library Collections List



Technical Information Centre RNZE (“TIC RNZE”) Collections List

The “TIC RNZE” covers a range of archival material provided within the ECMC Library.  These are stored in file boxes and awaiting scanning and digitising, but cover a range of military engineering deployments, exercises, operations and projects both at home within New Zealand and overseas.  Many relate to the displays within the ECMC Museum, providing background material to many of these activities.  A list of the resource categories covered within this section of the Library is provided below.


TIC RNZE Collections List




Army Museum (NAM) Waiouru

Army News



Camouflage and Aerial Photography

Chatham Islands

Corps (RNZE) History

Cyclone BOLA (East Coast 1988)

Dhekelia Swimming Pool – Cyprus


Engineer Reunions

Fire Services


MFO Sinai


Maps WW1

Maps WW2

Miscellaneous Publications and Paper Cuttings


Nominal Rolls


Pacific Islands – Cook Islands

Pacific Islands – Western Samoa

Pacific Islands – Tokelau Islands

Pacific Islands – Tonga

Pacific Islands – Solomon Islands

Pacific Islands – Fiji


Prisoners of War

Photo Albums – Various

RNZE Corps Sports Teams

RE, RAE, RCE and Commonwealth Sappers

Rifles, MG and SMG

RNZAF Stations General

RSA Review


Sapper Tasks – North Islands

Sapper Tasks – South Islands

South East Asia

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Thailand – Feeder Road Project

Thailand – Op Crown Airfields

WW1 – Photos and Documents

WW2 – Misc

WW2 Photographs

1 Fd Engr Regt

1 Fd Sqn

2 Fd Sqn

3 Fd Sqn

25 ESS


ECMC – TIC RNZE Collections List (Jun 14)